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scouring depth around the bridge pier

  • Oct 12 2020
  • kyipyars

I want to make the numerical simulation results of iRIC Nays2DH are compared with results of the laboratory experiments of local scour around the bridge pier for the verification purpose. The original bed is considered as 0.1 m. It is found that the result obtained from experiment and iRIC software is totally not agreement.
Q-1/ How should I correct?
Q-2/ In calculation condition of iRIC, I select ” Elevation” under Node attributes and do not select ” Automatic” and change max, min value to 0.1 because the original bed is 0.1 m along the channel. Is it correct?
Q-3/ ” Elevation change” in iRIC Software mean the height of sand from the river bed or scouring depth from the ground surface? So, what do ” Elevation” mean iRIC Software?
Could you please give me suggestion?
I am looking forward your reply.

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  1. NADEEM.AHMAD says:

    I feel that modelling of sediment transport process is tricky. One need to have good understanding of physical and numerical parameters while setting up the model. I would recommend to start with standard setup: 1) grid and time step sensitivity analysis, 2) sand slide algo on/off, etc.

  2. kyipyars says:

    Dear Sir
    I am still in problem with elevation and grid coordinate system. How should I do that? Could you give me some example? I am looking forward your reply soon. Thanks in advance.


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