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water depth condition

  • Dec 20 2019

Dear iRIC expertise
i am a new iRIC user, i would like to conduct the numerical simulation by Nays2DH, the condition of water depths at upstream and downstream like my attached picture, but i am not quite sure whether iRIC can do or not.
experiment condition as the following: water depth at upstream 30cm, water depth at downstream 2cm or dry bed, (block the water depth at upstream and downstream by a gate) then suddenly open the gate (like dam break) to see flood propagation in the channel. so could you please give me some suggestion, thank you very much.


experiment condition.png
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  1. UC-1h says:

    The published Nays2DH cannot calculate your condition.
    With Nays2DFlood Bomber Cells, you can do similar calculations.

    • says:

      thank you very much sir, i will try to do as your recommendation

    • says:

      Hello sir
      after I try to use Nay2Dflood to calculate like the condition above but can not complete because the program said “inflow point is zero” so the program do not calculate.

      could you show me an example like my case?

      thank you very much


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