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Use of Rivmaker software

  • 2023年08月15日
  • jinzj_gyy

Not very clear about the function and usage of Rivmaker installed with iRIC software


  1. KeitaHoshino より:

    I’m not familiar with “Rivmaker”, but I found how to use it in a solver tutorial called “Slope Area Computation (SAC)”.

    Slope Area Computation (SAC)

    Slope Area Computation – Tutorial 1

  2. KeitaHoshino より:

    Sorry for the confusion.
    But I’m talking about the “Rivmaker”.

    “Rivmaker” is a tool for creating cross section survey data (*.riv) that can be used with iRIC.

    How to start “Rivmaker” is exactly as you said.
    (However, in my iRC v4 environment, I can’t start with this procedure… I think it’s a bug, so I’ll report it to the developer.)

    You can also start it by the following method, so please check it.
    ・A shortcut has been added to the Windows start menu, so you can start it from there.
    ・You can also directly start “iRIC_v4\guis\rivmaker\Rivmaker.exe” in the folder where iRIC is installed.

    I think that the manual only for “Rivmaker” is not open to the public at present. I saw information that it was being prepared for public release in the past forums, but I could not find the manual.

    The “Slope Area Computation (SAC)” I shared earlier is indeed a tutorial for a different application, but it uses “Rivmaker” in the tutorial so you can learn how to use it.


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