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A question about the following comment from iRIC Nays2DH

  • May 24 2023
  • S K

I am using Nays2DH solver, and the following message pop-up on the Solver Console:

「The number of deposited layer exceeds the maximum number 50 at i= 96 j=22
Please change the thickness of deposited layer, thickness of movable bed layer or the maximum number of deposited layer.
Fortran Pause – Enter command or to continue.」

The question is that how can I edit the mentioned parameters without cancelling the simulation. I tried to update the thickness of movable layer but had to cancel the calculation and restart.
please kindly drop the answer if you know.


  1. UC-1h says:

    Hello, please refer to the following and change the settings.
    Q: I don’t know how to set the grain size distribution of the exchange and sediment layers.
    A: There are many ways to do that, please refer as an example.
    “Thickness of bedload layer” : Maximum grain size(dmax) or d90 etc.
    “Thickness of deposited layer” : 2dmax etc.

  2. S K says:

    Thank you for the reply.
    I could change/set the thickness and number of layers after cancelling the simulation. I am wondering, if we can change the mentioned parameters while the simulation is not cancelled/restarted.

    Thank you.


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