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Error at qprms

  • Jul 05 2022
  • kmartinezp

Hello everyone,

I’m using FaSTMECH to model a river for 365 days with sediment transport. But in the first iteration I got an “Error at qprms”. Can you please explain me what this error mean and if you know how to solve it?.

Thank you so much for your answers.



  1. jmn says:

    Hi Katherine,
    This is typically caused by a lack of convergence. I suggest you begin by getting a good initial flow solution for one time step. If you try this and get the same message, adjust the number of iterations to a few less than the point of failure so you can look at the solution and see what the issue is. If it happens at the very FIRST iteration, something is wrong with your inputs, like discharge is zero or something like that. If you still can’t figure it out, email me at jmn600lt using gmail dot com and I will find your issue.

  2. kmartinezp says:

    Thank you so much. I emailed you because I couldn’t figure out the problem with the model. Thank you.


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