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Cannot running sediment flow simulation

  • Jul 09 2022
  • Gian Pangala

Can I get some help? I want to run a sediment flow simulation in an open channel, but this isn’t work. I have to run another model of obstacle and that’s worked.

Q2 S2 dk1 a2 L21.ipro
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  1. npssubedi1 says:

    Can i asked about the Obstacle: How does it work ie its restricts the flow completely or partially and how can i specify the size and location of the obstacle.
    What is the difference between Obstacle and fixed bed in to initial? Please could i know about it in details. Could you please inform me that how can i show the velocity field in the Nayas2DH for velocity magnitude?

  2. champon says:

    Obstacle restricts the flow and sediment transport completely. You can specify the location of obstacle everywhere in the computational domain, but the size of obstacle is set based on the grid size you set.
    Fixed bed is the unerodable bed like concrete. The sediment can deposit above it, but no erosion is considered for this cell.


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