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how to model a generic braided channel with i-RIC software?

  • Jul 19 2022
  • hosseinamini4

The question is extremely simple, “How to model a generic braided channel?” OR “Does i-RIC model a generated braided channel?, if so, HOW?” I could see that it can model a simple loop meander channel that can have obstacles within the reach (Bars) also the user manual is modeling different versions of meander bends. But I could not figure out how to model a braided channel?
If there is any help, manual, or anything, I will appreciate it if you share it with me.

Thank in advance


  1. champon says:

    For example, Nays2DH will be a potential model. Here is an example of the braided channel modeling.

    Instead of simple meander channel, you will prepare rather straight channel.

  2. pritikumaricetpa says:

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