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How to set vegetation density

  • Jul 19 2022
  • bowtiemrh

I am wondering how to properly set the vegetation density in Mflow_02. The manual says that you can choose between specifying either the vegetation density or the vegetation height and permeability coefficients.

When selecting the vegetation density option, how can I adjust the drag coefficient of the vegetation?

When selecting the vegetation height and permeability coefficient, how can I estimate the permeability coefficients for different vegetation. ie. what units are the permeability coefficient in, or what is a ratio of?


  1. mineyukigamou says:

    For the setting of vegetation resistance, refer to the references and set based on the results of field surveys.

    The unit of permeability coefficient is m/s.
    The vegetation density should be based on the “diameter/center spacing” of the trees.


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