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GUI crashes when attempting to load TRIANGLE node files (.node and .ele files)

  • Sep 25 2022
  • bowtiemrh


I have made some grids on another program and have converted them to .node and .ele files as the manual suggests. When I try to import the .node and .ele files , the GUI crashes. I have attached the .node file and have the .ele file but I think I am only allowed to attach one file.

Can someone help with this issue?

iRIC does not ensure the safety of the attached file.


  1. mineyukigamou says:

    Please note the following when creating “.node and .ele files”:

    ・iRIC parameter
    ・Node code
    ・The position of the space (especially unnecessary after the enter mark)
    ・Rotational direction of element constituent nodes (counterclockwise)

    Even if you attach a file, we will not download it here.
    Try it yourself.

  2. bowtiemrh says:

    Thanks for the help! I found that the error was due to the number of elements in line 1 of the elements list not being equal to the number of elements in the file. After fixing the issue, the files upload the grid correctly.

  3. pritikumaricetpa says:

    Video2X stable release fro Windows 4.8.1 appears to crash when attempting to input a large source file, either by drag ‘n’ drop, or using the Select File button.
    All I can say at this point is, I can import a 2,144,689,376 byte file (1.99GiB), but not a 2,182,650,184 byte file (2.03GiB).

    Educated guess: somewhere in the file reading code, there’s a ~2GB limit and an unhandled exception.

    Edit: Had a brainwave. Under above circumstances, a split-second before the whole program crashes, line “Unhandled Python Exception” is printed to the CLI window.

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