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Export to ArcGIS

  • Aug 31 2019
  • fajarbgs

Can Nays2d flood final simulation result export to ArcGIS? Not the sequence (Esri export option) but the final area where the flood can occur.
I want to map the area where the area of the flood could occur to put into ArcGIS.


  1. UC-1h says:

    file > export > Contour Figure as ESRI Shape files
    I don’t know any other way.
    You need to compare all cases in ArcGIS or other methods and overlay the maximum area.

  2. ekatengeza says:

    I am completely new to this software and tool and would like to try and use it to evaluate sedimentation in a pond. I am starting off by looking at the examples provided. The first hick-up is on matching the image to elevation. I have tried using the hints provided but nothing seems to be working. How do I go about it. the hint on the mouse button has only options for “pan”, zoom, rotate and “rubber band”. What do these terms (pan, rubber band) mean? I am using the English version of the manual.

  3. juan.estupinan says:

    I can suggest you work with .tpo files for exporting results, you can use qgis software, create a dot mesh with interpolated results data and create the right rasters to work the results in gis. On the background images, I suggest georeferencing them from arcgis, and save them in georeferenced jpg format, so that the iric software recognizes them as referenced and places them well in place.


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