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max sea level in iric elimo

  • Sep 05 2019
  • juan.estupinan

someone knows if it is possible to create a maximum sea elevation layer using the layer operator that brings the software named manage simple operator results
using a javascript code that takes the highest value of the series of data that is coming out, and in the end get a layer that has the maximum levels at each point?


  1. inoue-t says:

    How about using “Depth (Max)” in the calculation results?
    Depth (Max) is highest depth of time series.
    Highest water levels can be calculated from Depth(Max) + Bed elevation at each grid point.

  2. juan.estupinan says:

    the elimo module for tsunami modeling does not have that output in the results (maximum depth) or maximum sea level, or not as far as I know


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