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Combination of 1-D and 2-D Modelling

  • Sep 06 2019
  • acaslam.suja

Is it possible to simulate river channel as 1-D model and floodplain as 2-D model. Your early responses will be highly appreciated.


  1. inoue-t says:

    No, impossible.

  2. iRIC admin says:

    We are working on a new version of iRIC that includes model coupling, such as 1-d to 2-d and 2-d to 3-d. However, this won’t be available for some time and the current version doesn’t really allow this kind of coupling. In terms of flooding, our own work suggests that using a 1-d model for the channel and a 2-d model for the flood plain is poor, as the details of the flow in the channel are very important for predicting where and how much water leaves and reenters the channel from the floodplain.

  3. acaslam.suja says:

    Thank you very much for the valuable reply.


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