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Graph window and Chart window

  • Oct 04 2019

Hello iRIC expertise
after runed the software then i need to see the graph or chart of Water Surface Elevation, water depth at each distance (EX: 0 m to 100 m water depth is 5 m then 101 m to 150 m water depth is 8 m then 151 m to 200 m water depth is 6 m then 201 m to 250 m water depth is 10 m) i think graph will show line up and down for each distance but i can not see it, you suggestion will be very useful for my study, thank you very much for your kind assistance.


  1. jagritimp says:

    I understand from your question that you want to plot a Water Surface Elevation graph. When you try to plot the graph, please make sure that you choose the X-Axis [TIme/I/J], at the top-leftmost corner of graph plotting window. Is this the answer you were looking for? If not, can you please provide us with further details?

  2. says:

    Alright, now i can see it. thank you very much jagritimp


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