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Incorporation of River cross-sectional data

  • Oct 04 2019
  • acaslam.suja

I am performing 2-D flood modelling using SRTM and ASTER Digital elevation models (30 m and 90 m resolution). In addition to that I have incorporated river cross-sectional data (.tpo format) into digital elevation models and performed modelling. but there is no significant difference in model results by adding cross-section data. why does the results almost same? Thanks in advance and your replies will be highly appreciated.


  1. inoue-t says:

    First, please compare the 2 riverbed elevations (i.e., with and without the cross-sectional data). Is the cross-sectional data reflected in riverbed topography?

  2. acaslam.suja says:

    I compared two river bed elevations using Arc-GIS with Surveyed cross-section data and huge variation was identified. Hence added the surveyed data to iRIC (.tpo format) in addition to SRTM data. After mapped the elevation to grid, srtm data set elevation only reflected in grids, no surveyed cross-section data is mapped to grids. What is the reason for the that and is there any method to map the cross-section data. Thanks in advance.


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