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installation problem

  • Apr 24 2021
  • mauddin

The error message comes like “the execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found”, could anyone plz help with the issue? Does the Nays2D package miss this? Also the installation of Mflow, Morpho shows the problem; how can it be overcome?


  1. mauddin says:

    the program has been installed, but in the pre-processing window, the screen is covered with stripes !!

  2. c.niroshinie says:

    Nays2DH didn’t had any missing files. It works fine. Please try iRIC maintenance. It will install the newest features and all the missing files. Click on Option and then select maintenance. select first one (Add or remove components) and then Tick on all. Hopefully it will replace your missing file.


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