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Line intersects with another cell in the grid

  • Jul 26 2021
  • carlocompanion

How to debug manually lines intersecting with another grid? It is tedious to identify the lines individually. See attached file for reference. Thanks.

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  1. keisuke.inoue says:

    Hello. Thank you for using iRIC.
    I’ve checked the *.ipro file that you’ve attached.
    As you’ve mentioned, the lines of grid intersects, and the length of grid edges changes drastically. It seems that it is not easy to setup grid good for simulation in this way.
    Can you try using grid generation algorithm “Create grid from polygonal line and width”, please? It tends to generates better grids for cases like yours. Using this algorithm, you can define the center line of the grid, independent from the river center line of river survey data. Please refer to the following URL to know how to use it.



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