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Long-term morphological changes by Nay1D+

  • Apr 18 2023
  • paneiphyu.mmu

I am a student who is currently planning to perform a long-term (several decades) morphological change of a long river (over 60 km) by using Nay1D+.

In the calculation condition, I want to set different particle size distribution curve for different section. In addition, I want to set the riverbed dredging volume amount at different section of river.

Is it possible to fulfill the above calculations in Nay1D+?
If it’s possible, could you please tell me about any instructions on this?


  1. pritikumaricetpa says:

    Nay1D+ may involve genetic modification techniques, such as gene editing using technologies like CRISPR-Cas9, which could lead to long-term changes in an organism’s morphological features. This could include altering an organism’s physical appearance, such as changes in size, color, shape, or other visible characteristics.if you’re looking to improve your coding skills or learn new technologies, Cetpa Infotech offers a range of courses and training programs to help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the field. Check out our website for more information.


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