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Opening Calculation Result Window Crashes Software

  • Feb 18 2021
  • akilse

Hi there,

Many thanks on providing this software and the solvers.

I’ve successfully run the simulation in Nays2DH using both the sample data provided as well as my own river profiles.

The results are definitely there because I can export them.

However, any time I try to open the 2D post -processing window, the software just stops responding.

Did I miss a step somewhere?

Ervine Lin


  1. akilse says:

    I just tried this with Nays2D instead of Nays2DH and I have the same problem.

  2. akilse says:

    Just to add on, I tried River2D solver and same issue. I am guessing it’s not related to the solvers.

  3. akilse says:

    Hi again,

    Thanks for your reply but by sheer chance I found the problem and solution.

    I am running dual monitors (one laptop screen, one external screen via HDMI), if I open the 2D processing window when iRIC is in the main monitor, there is no issue. If I open the window when iRIC is in the secondary monitor then the software freezes.

    No idea why this would be the case but this is surely not linked to the calculation data.

    Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem!

  4. jmn says:

    Do have two graphics adapters? In the new versions of windows (10B?) two graphics adapters can be used simulataneously and windows decides which to use. Unfortunately, if you are not a knowledgeable user, WIndows will use the Intel adapter for IRIC. You can go in to graphics setting and manually fix this. With two monitors, you need to be sure what you are using where. Some people use the intel adapter on their native screen and their advanced GPU for the external monitor. Problems like yours can arise.


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