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Water surface at downstream

  • Mar 23 2020
  • evannielfuentes

Hello, iRIC Software Experts!

I don’t understand what is happening with the downstream water surface level. At first, I tried to input the tide level selecting “read from file” with varying tide level however the result does not seem to follow.
then I tried selecting “constant value” with the recorded highest tide level (2.1m) but then it gives the same result.

Please see attached consolelog and youtube link below.


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  1. evannielfuentes says:

    starting at 81600 sec, the downstream water level seems like breathing.

    Please advise

  2. UC-1h says:

    I don’t know why the calculation errors.
    I suggest the following trials to identify the cause.
    Try to refine calculation mesh.
    Try to adjust dt(calculation time step)
    Try to calculate in a narrow range.

  3. evannielfuentes says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    What I did is I created a new project with the same data. The result was different, gave me a better output.

    Is it possible to generate cross section with with equal interval, say at every 20 meters, and with reflected max depth after calculating in Nays2dFlood?

  4. UC-1h says:

    It is possible to generate cross section by using the two functions.

    Function for extracting calculation result on arbitrary cross-section


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