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What is ELIMO?

iRIC-ELIMO was developed by Professor Yasunori Watanabe from Hokkaido University. The solver is with capable of reliable estimations of tsunami generation at earthquake sites, propagation through the ocean, and evolution in coastal areas. Elimo has been developed with a motto of ”simple and easy tsunami computation” to make such calculation accessible to non-specialists using PC computers and Window operating systems along with the freely available iRIC software interface.

A tsunami computation is a fundamental way to provide tsunami heights and arrival times along coasts for past and future earthquakes. These computations are typically used for designing disaster prevention plans and generally have been performed on high performance computers owned by Universities and research institutes. This kind of software is commonly used by researchers and engineers who have scientific knowledge and experience of numerical computation. As a result, there may be no computational tool that is accessible to the public or even researchers studying aspects of tsunami impacts that are not wave experts. Similarly, although the disaster prevention and evacuation plans for tsunami inundation must be developed by local governments, they have no way to estimate the tsunami properties by their own human and computational resources. With this background, we have tried to produce compact and reliable software to compute tsunamis for arbitrary earthquakes executable on home PCs. We hope this tsunami software (ELIMO) will be utilized for estimating the tsunami onsets to achieve disaster reduction and efficient evacuation.


Users Guide for iRIC4.x

Users guide for iRIC4.x

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