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What is EvaTRiP?

EvaTRiP (Evaluation Tools for River environmental Planning) are developed by Aqua Restoration Research Center PWRI(National Research and Development Agency Public Works Research Institute) and Masahiko Sekine Dr.Eng. Professor of Yamaguchi University. The purpose of development is to provide outcome of existing research or our research for river environmental planning. This tools can evaluate followings

– the necessity of river bank protection
– the region of critical grain size
– the region of terrestrial plant grows
– the region of fish habitat

So you can use it for river environment research and river planning etc. We will continue to develop and maintenance for being this tools more useful. Please use it and let us know when you have questions or comments.

① Necessity of River bank protection can be evaluated.
② Growth and destruction conditions of terrestrial plant can be evaluated.
③ Sediment particle size which moves under the flow conditions can be evaluated.
④ Fish Habitat Suitable Index can be evaluated.


EvaTRiP v2.1 solver for iRIC 2.3

This is the old version of EvaTRiP solver for iRIC 2.3. Please overwrite this in the various files in the evatrip folder inside the solver of the storage folder.

Sample data

EvaTRiP sample data

Solver manual

EvaTRiP solver manual


This file contains the examples for using Evatrip.

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