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What is Morph2DH?

Morpho2DH is a calculation solver that a debris/mud flow model is added to Morpho2D.

Morpho2D is the unsteady horizontal two dimensional bed deformation analysis solver of bed material load, which is developed by Hiroshi Takebayashi, Kyoto University. The governing equations are written in boundary fitted general coordinate system. In 2009, the solver was installed to RIC-Nays Version 1.0 which is the free software developed by RIC. Some functions are added to the original version and the improved version is installed into iRIC Version2.0 on March 2011. On March 2014, Morpho2D was unified with Nays2D and Nays2DH was developed.

Morpho2DH is the horizontal two dimensional debris/mud flow analysis solver which can reproduce the transport and deposition process of debris/mud flow due to the landslides. Structures (ex. sabo dam, weir, house and so on) and horizontal distribution of maximum erosion depth can be considered in the analysis.

The unsteady horizontal two dimensional bed deformation analysis of bed material load which can be performed as it used to be.


Morpho2DH References

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Hiroshi Takebayashi: Modelling braided channels under unsteady flow and the effect of spatiotemporal change of vegetation on bed and channel geometry, Gravel-Bed Rivers: Process and Disasters, 671-702, 2017.


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