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“FaSTMECH (Flow and Sediment Transport with Morphological Evolution of Channels)” is a river flow / riverbed variation analysis solver developed by Dr. Jonathan Nelson of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). FaSTMECH employs a cylindrical coordinate system for its lattice system, and because of its flow / riverbed variation calculations under quasi-steady approximation, can perform calculations with extremely long timeframes. Furthermore, FaSTMECH implements a Habitat Calculator, enabling it to evaluate river ecosystems by using the obtained flow / riverbed variation calculation results.



FaSTMECH Examples Document

Sample data

Data for FaSTMECH examples

FaSTMECH(Water Resource Research)

Lisle, T.E., Nelson,, J.M., Pitlick, J., Madej, M.A. & Barkett, B.L. : Variability of bed mobility in natural, gravel-bed channels and adjustments to sediment load at local and reach scales, Water Resource Research, Vol.26, No.12, pp.3743-3755.

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